Tel Aviv's Top Yogis

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Olla Noa Rodov

"Tel Aviv has lots of beaches and open spaces that face the sea — perfect for a rejuvenating yoga session. We have a lot of urban nature when I need a calming ambiance. Practicing yoga outside has the benefits of being in the fresh air and connecting with nature, which lets you connect to yourself and your yoga practice on a deeper level."

photo courtesy: Olla Noa Rodov
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Idan Barzilay

"Tel Aviv is full of open-minded people who like to learn and experience. Besides that, I love this city because you can find something for everyone. The acroyoga community here is relatively advanced in comparison to other countries. And people are welcoming and friendly. For example, my friends and I opened free workshops for beginners, just to spread the love."

photo courtesy: Idan Barzilay
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Maya Kramer

"From naked yoga, to Bikram hot yoga, to free AcroYoga in the park, Tel Aviv has it all. It's such an integral part of the wellness culture here."

photo courtesy: Maya Kramer
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Ido Manor

"Tel Aviv is a great vegan and bike-friendly city. What else does a yogi need? Yoga is not only popular here, but it’s also seen as a serious practice that requires dedication."

photo courtesy: Ido Manor
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Orin Levor

"The heat in Tel Aviv encourages people to get outside, practice together under the sun, and lets the muscles flow smoother. There’s also every type of yoga in Tel Aviv: aerial yoga, paddle board yoga, urban yoga, acroyoga, et cetera. Each type has its own big and strong community, which is what makes Tel Aviv the greatest city for yogis."

photo courtesy: Orin Levor
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Tal Aronas

"The warm climate in Tel Aviv is perfect for keeping the joints loose. Tel Aviv also has every level of yoga, so there’s a great range from beginners to masters. I love walking down the street and hearing so many different languages. Also, as a vegan, it's heaven on earth. There are so many options and endless amounts of delicious food."

photo courtesy: Tal Aronas
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Mica Pomerantz

"I love practicing and teaching yoga in the Tel Aviv Marina because you can experience the power of nature while you practice: hear the sound of the sea, feel the fresh sea breeze on your face, and see the most stunning sunsets."

photo courtesy: Mica Pomerantz
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Emily Shain

"We're so lucky to have the most beautiful ocean and warm sun all year round. This gives us the opportunity to practice in nature, connect to others, and 'feel' the practice on different levels."

photo courtesy: Emily Shain
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Eddy Toyonaga

"I am completely in love with this beautiful city because the people are warm, the hummus is plentiful, and last but not least, the yoga community is simply amazing. Tel Aviv is a great city for yogis because there are studios everywhere; practicing yoga is very accessible."

photo courtesy: Eddy Toyonaga
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Yael Neumann

"There's an amazing energy here; the vibes are free-spirited and open-minded. Also, the amount of vegan options makes it easy for us to thrive and maintain a holistic practice."

photo courtesy: Yael Neumann
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Pauline Waisblum

"There's a funny polar attitude with Tel Avivians. Half the time they're on 'survival mode' and the other half they're taking care of you better than your own mother."

photo courtesy: Pauline Waisblum
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Adi Mayer

"If practicing in a studio isn't your cup of tea, you can find inspiring teachers that practice on rooftops, in parks, and on the beach. Personally, I love doing meditative walks by the beach."

photo courtesy: Adi Mayer
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Liron Menora

"The yoga community here is strong and unified. We all practice together and share our knowledge. This means there's always an opportunity to learn from others. Everyone here is open to teach and share their expertise."

photo courtesy: Liron Menora
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Sheerle Dove

"Most people don’t know this, but yoga is much more than just a physical practice; it’s the lifestyle you lead by being a compassionate person. Tel Aviv is filled with people who are just naturally like that."

photo courtesy: Sheerle Dove
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Oksana “Sunny” Lantrat

"This city has something for everyone. It's a bit too much sometimes, but that’s where yoga comes in. My practice teaches me to take breaks, take a step back, and rest. As a yogi, I have the ability to enjoy the best of both worlds."

photo courtesy: Oksana “Sunny” Lantrat
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Gil Backman

"First of all, Tel Aviv is full of trees, and you have shade on every corner to practice. Second, Tel Avivians are warm people. When I see others practicing, I can always join them. It makes me happy that everyone stays fit. I see so many yoga mats everywhere."

photo courtesy: Gil Backman
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Yael Ziv

"I love Tel Aviv because it is an amazing city which offers so much in terms of culture, cuisine, architecture, and of course, yoga."

photo courtesy: Yael Ziv
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Joe Rubinstein

“Tel Aviv is different than any place I’ve been. People are open to talk and connect in a deeper and intuitive way. Tel Avivians are looking to engage with their inner self and build themselves as people. Hence, AcroYoga is so accepted and sought out in Tel Aviv."

photo courtesy: Joe Rubinstein
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