This Photographer Captures Ballerinas Posing All Over Tel Aviv

“Urballerina” is a photo project by Liel Anapolsky, which captures magic moments between Tel Aviv’s urban beauty and classic ballerinas.

What happens when you take someone from their natural environment and place them in unexpected, even surprising locations?

This is the question Liel Anapolsky asked herself when she created Urballerina, a collection of photographs which captures “magic moments between Tel Aviv’s urban beauty and classic ballerinas.”

Liel came up with the concept when she was looking for a reference for one of her paintings, a ballerina photographed inside a metro in Hungary.
Liel decided to recreate the reference by inviting a ballerina to pose for her in Tel Aviv — and Urballerina developed from there.
So far, she’s featured three ballerinas in her photographs: one from the Israeli Ballet, another from Moscow’s biggest ballet, and a prospective Israeli Olympian in gymnastics.
Since publishing Urballerina, Liel’s photographs have been exhibited at The Prince on Nahalat Binyamin, and in the Prima Tel Aviv Hotel.
Liel has dedicated Urballerina to the memory of her mother, who passed away in 2018. She says her mother, who was an art teacher, always encouraged her to create.

For more about Urballerina, check it out online, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

You can also connect with Liel Anapolsky on Facebook and Instagram.

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