The 38 Types of Tel Avivians

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The Dog Walker

With the most dogs per capita in the world, and with most locals living in apartments, Tel Avivian dog walkers are in high-demand — to say the least.

photo by @bro_frenchie

The Furry Friend

Did we mention Tel Avivians love their dogs?

photo by @humansoftelaviv

The Social Activist

Adar Weinreb is an American-Israeli who dedicates his free time to peacemaking initiatives, mainly building bridges between Israelis and Palestinians.

photo by Harry Ehrlich

The Scooter Charger

They say 50% of Tel Aviv's traffic is on bikes and scooters. Grab your helmet and hop on your choice of a Bird, Lime, Leo, or Wind.

photo by @scooters.bikes.telaviv

The Fashionista

One of the Middle East's top fashion influencers, San Francisco-born Karen Or puts her street-chic style on display via Instagram and YouTube.

photo by Harry Ehrlich

The Delivery Guy

Order up! 10bis (which literally translates to "give a bite" in Hebrew) and Wolt are the two main food delivery services in our city.

photo by @takeaway.com_careers

The Hippie Entrepreneur

Zo Flamenbaum is the founder of School of Shine, a community for women in Tel Aviv and around the world, which explores self-empowerment, self-exploration, and other opportunities to nourish health and happiness.

photo by Harry Ehrlich

The AutoTel Driver

AutoTel is a car-sharing-by-the-minute service provided by the Tel Aviv Municipality, and one of eight methods of transportation available to the public.

photo by @jjad

The Photographer

Harry Ehrlich is a photographer and videographer from Boston, who uses his content capturing skills and abilities to help brands and people tell their stories.

photo by Harry Ehrlich

The Vegan

Shikma Ya'acobi runs the vegan blog Tivoneat, a play off the Hebrew word for a female vegan, טבעונית (teev-oh-neet). With 400+ vegan and vegetarian restaurants, Tel Aviv might as well be the meatless capital of the world.

photo by Harry Ehrlich

The Entrepreneur

Jonny Caplan is a British-born entrepreneur who founded TechTalk Media. He also created and hosts the TechTalk Show, a documentary-style series about emerging startups and innovators.

photo by Harry Ehrlich

The Street Artist

Montreal-born Murielle Cohen is one of countless street artists who come from all over the world, to make Tel Aviv's walls and buildings come to life.

photo by Harry Ehrlich

The Startup Founder

From cannabis to cyber-security, Tel Aviv is a startup jungle. Jered Blumenfeld is the founder of Tryna Grub — a social dining app for people who want to arrange spontaneous meals with their friends.

photo by Harry Ehrlich

The New Immigrant

Lena Elkins moved from California to Tel Aviv, where she runs her company as a business and marketing coach for millennials.

photo by Harry Ehrlich

The Tattoo Artist

Both a tattoo and graffiti artist, Jonathan Segev founded one of Tel Aviv's top tattoo shops in a city that's full of them: Boldline Tattoos. Who said artists have to starve?

photo by Harry Ehrlich

The Vlogger

Ran Segall runs his vlog Flux, featuring a massive library of videos that takes you into the life of a designer and business owner based in Tel Aviv.

photo by Harry Ehrlich

The Power Couple

Willy Hayman (born and raised in Argentina) and Jessica Tulchin (born in the U.S. and raised in Belgium) run FluenTLV, a social startup that connects language learning with the people and culture connected to each language.

photo by Harry Ehrlich

The Podcasters

Naor Meningher and Eytan Weinstein host Two Nice Jewish Boys, a weekly English-language podcast recorded in Tel Aviv, which provides an inside look into Israel and some of the most interesting people here.

photo by Harry Ehrlich

The Musician

The "Jessy" in Yuval and Jessy, a musical duo based in Tel Aviv, Jessy Katz was a contestant on the Israeli version of "The Voice" in 2014. She also has an EP called "Yashika."

photo by Harry Ehrlich

The Yogi

Based in Tel Aviv, Talia Sutra teaches yoga locally and around the world. She was also one of the first people to start an Instagram account dedicated to yoga.

photo by Harry Ehrlich

The Linguist

Ido Grinberg is the genius behind Mismas, an Instagram account that became a local Internet sensation, where Ido puts his love for Hebrew words and punctuation on display.

photo by @mismas

The Mixologist

Known as “the guy who makes the drinks,” Ariel Leizgold is an international award-winning bartender who, in 2008, opened Tel Aviv's first cocktail bar (223). Today, he owns several bars and restaurants throughout Tel Aviv.

photo by Ariel Leizgold

The Cat Feeder

Believe us when we say, the street cats eat as well as anyone in this city.

photo by @straycatlv

The One Who Came For Love

Albert Escolà moved from Barcelona to Tel Aviv in 2013, after he met his now-husband Assi Azar – one of Israel’s most famous TV hosts. Albert is the co-founder of the architecture and design firm Esai, and has become an influencer as well.

photo by @albertescola

The Older Woman Who Dresses Like She's 30

No judgment here! As we like to say in Tel Aviv: Live and let live.

photo by @humansoftelaviv

The Coffee Connoisseur

Sharona Yael is a photographer and content creator who, like most of us, has a special place in her heart for coffee. Tel Aviv’s coffee culture is second to none, thanks to Tel Aviv's fast-paced lifestyle, and the influence of our European neighbors.

photo by @sharonayael

The One Who Became Famous in Tel Aviv

Tel Avivians fell in love with Canadian Renny Grinshpan and her skits on "The Israeli Girls," a social media channel featuring local female comics. Renny also sings in what she calls “the greatest Tenacious D tribute band this world has ever seen.”

photo by Harry Ehrlich

The Gay Couple

There’s a reason says Tel Aviv is where you’ll find the best and most recommended gay community in the world. “Tel Aviv is a welcoming, accepting, and open city,” says Hungarian-born Kristof Yosef Steiner, AKA White City Boy.

photo by @whitecityboy

The Sports Trainer

Ido Portal is the creator of Movement Culture, which involves multi-disciplinary body movements and bodyweight exercises. He travels the world hosting workshops and meetings teaching his method, and has trained pro baseball players, actors, and Olympians.

photo by Ido Portal

The King of Costume

As part of Purim (the Israeli version of Halloween), Aviram Carmeli makes movie-themed, electric-skateboard costumes from scratch, such as The Lion King, Aladdin, Harry Potter, and Titanic.

photo by @aviram_carmeli

The Foodie

Leah Berwald (pictured) and Natalie Kanfer, who run the local food and drink website Tel Aveat, are “two girls eating our way through Tel Aviv.” After all, someone has to do it.

photo by Harry Ehrlich

The Refugee

Most of Tel Aviv’s refugee population comes from northern Africa, where locals seeking refuge walk some 2,000 kilometers (1,240 miles) to reach Tel Aviv. The majority of them live in the south of Tel Aviv, but work throughout the city.

photo by @humansoftelaviv

The Backpacker

With several hostels throughout the city, backpackers from around the world are making Tel Aviv a destination location. Plus, the Israel National Trail, which stretches from the northernmost to the southernmost points of the country, also runs through Tel Aviv.

photo by @humansoftelaviv

The Birthright Participant

Taglit, which means “discovery” in Hebrew, is a trip for Jewish people around the world to visit the Holy Land. Expect to see thousands of participants wearing their Taglit shirts and roaming around Tel Aviv during the winter and summer.

photo by @crazyjewishmom

The Global Entrepreneur

Jacob Peres travels the world as a creative director, experience-marketing expert, and the founder of JPO, an international creative and communications firm, featuring clients such as the Ritz-Carlton, SodaStream, and Caesarstone.

photo by Jacob Peres

The Disc Jockey

After graduating high school, Dalit Rechester enlisted to the Israel Defense Forces' radio station as a music producer. Today, she produces and presents the most-listened-to show on the station, and doubles as one of Tel Aviv’s top DJs.

photo by @oritpnini

The Socialpreneur

Known as “the International Mayor of Tel Aviv,” Jay Shultz galvanizes the city’s young-professional, English-speaking community among his seven Tel Aviv-based non-profit organizations.

photo by Daniel Bar-On

The Inspiration to Us All

California-native Chaya Lev is a breast cancer survivor who lives like she’s “been given a new lease on life. I want to share my story and I want us all to laugh together.” No wonder she chose Tel Aviv as her home.

photo by Elisa Ruth Szklanny


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