The Greater Context
with Ariel Halevi

Welcome to “The Greater Context” with Ariel Halevi.

“The Greater Context” is about gaining a better understanding of our current state of existence and deriving from it actionable insights that improve our overall sense of wellbeing and greater collective productivity.

Ariel Halevi is the co-founder of VAYOMAR, a global provider of communication competencies that helps individuals and companies realize and articulate their goals.

Ariel is a graduate of IDC Herzliya, with a BA in Government & Diplomacy and an MA in Homeland Security & Counter-Terrorism. Ariel has founded and managed several high-tech companies located in Israel with branches in Australia and several European countries. As founder and C.E.O., Ariel conducted several financing rounds and oversaw the management of four international branches.

Each episode will focus on one or more professional challenges 21st century organizations face, but you can expect a good dose of philosophy, history, psychology, science and leadership throughout most of the episodes. 

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The Greater Context
with Ariel Halevi

This is Ariel Halevi, welcome to “The Greater Context.” This is a common thread that goes through every concept, tool or methodology I’ll be discussing will be the past, present and future context that is every present in the decisions we make as individuals and in our ability to operate as a collective. 

Systematic Innovation
with Gur Braslavi

In today’s episode, Gur Braslavi, my co-founder at Vayomar and closest friend over the past 20 years joins me to discuss the topic of innovation in large corporations, and specifically how to cultivate a culture that generates continuous, systematic innovation – in context of the many forces that exist specifically in well-established corporations and work directly against innovation.

Strategic Intelligence
with Ariel Halevi

I’ll be discussing the concept of ‘Strategic intelligence’ as a key matrix executives leadership teams should focus on, in order to achieve their visions and overcome their challenges they face as leaders in the 21th century organizations.

Operational Empathy
with Ariel Halevi

In today’s episode, I’ll be discussing the concept of “Operational Empathy” – exploring the power of this core human emotion within large, matrix managed organisation.

CEOs vs. Consultants
with Lihi Segal and Dafna Eylon

In today’s episode, I’ll be hosting Lihi Segal, Founder and CEO of Day2 and Dafna Eylon, who specializes in developing senior executives and management teams to enhance leadership and organizational effectiveness.


Together, the three of us will be discussing some of the key challenges on both sides of the fence: the side of the Founder and CEO and the side of the professional consultants.

From Startup to Corporate
with Ariel Halevi

In today’s episode, I’ll discuss the evolutionary challenge companies face as they advance from start-up mode to corporate mode.

Going Against the Grain
with Hadas Slonim

In today’s episode, I’ll be hosting Hadas Slonim, Marketing and Sales Manager at The Epoch Times.

Hadas and I will be discussing three counter-intuitive strategies that her company has employees successfully for over 10 years and what are some of the fundamentals to successfully going against the grain.

Talent in your Organization
with Batya Ivanizer

In today’s episode, I’ll be hosting Batya Ivanizer, Israel HR Director at Plarium.

Batya and I will be discussing three key challenges 21st century organizations deal with: finding and recruiting talent, employee retention, building the right leadership competencies.


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