We Asked Random People in Tel Aviv About Their Tattoos

We walked the streets of Tel Aviv and asked random people why they chose their tattoos.

persian tattoo

“It’s a memory for my grandmother. She’s Persian, her name was Alamtaj, which in Farsi means ‘queen of the world.’ She died a couple of years ago, and this crown is an exact replica of the crown that the former queen of Iran wore. And the heart represents how much I love her and what she meant to me.”

Arabic tattoo

“It says in Arabic, ’First love yourself.’ It doesn’t matter the language. It’s important.”

Japan tattoo

“It’s the symbol of the play of Fukuoka, the city of Japan that I was born in. It’s supposed to look like a stylized Fu and Ku, as well as a plum flower ,which is the official flower of the city.”


“This one is for my grandma. It’s spumoni, an Italian ice cream. It’s the only thing she liked — sweets.”

balance tattoo

It’s important. I’m a musician, I know.

fox tattoo

“I like the history of the fox. In Flemish, you have the story of Van den vos ReynaerdeA bird caught a fish and the fox tricks the bird into dropping the fish for him.”

beach tattoo

These are my life goals: vacation, beach, watermelon, whatever.

“It’s my favorite picture of my favorite artist, Gustaf Klimt. I saw graffiti of it in Florentin where I live, so I took a picture of it and went to my friend to get a tattoo of it.”

Pinhole is the connection between soul and body; where my thoughts and feelings come up and become verbal.”

“The number was my code in the army.”

“It’s a crop circle. I got it for free. I was into crop circles at the time. I loved science fiction.

rose tattoo

“My father bought it for me when I was 16. He chose it for me.”

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