Save It: Omer Mosenzon is on a mission to reduce the use of disposable plastic in Tel Aviv.

Omer Mosenzon discovered his love for nature while growing up in the agricultural town of Pardes Hanna, Israel, as well as during his military service around the country’s borders.
Now he’s giving back to his greatest passion with Save It, whose mission is to increase awareness and implement lasting change to the way people consume.
photo by Adi Miller
Omer wants to pave the way for locals in Tel Aviv to stop using disposable plastic, a goal which came from his time traveling in Australia, where he was impressed by what he calls “the surprising synergy of a capitalist-developed economy with a culture of environmental awareness.”
Pillow Fight Club - Midburn Camp
courtesy: Pillow Fight Club - Midburn Camp/Facebook
Then, in 2017, Omer joined the Pillow Fight Club camp at Midburn, the Middle East’s variation of Burning Man, in the Negev Desert.
There he experienced “the power of a random group of people coming together to form a community and carry out ideals,” notably environmental awareness and minimizing consumption and waste.
Save It Tel Aviv
photo by Iris Piers
His experience at Midburn led Omer to start Save It, the name of which refers to “saving the planet, ourselves included, and rests on the fact that even the biggest ideas start small.”
Save It Tel Aviv
courtesy: Gil Kovalchuk
Omer says Tel Aviv was chosen as his launching point due to its reputation as a great supporting platform for revolutionary ideas, and leading the way in setting innovative trends and cultures.
“Tel Aviv is a very globally connected city, a key factor for success. That is why it is so vital we adopt the message of saving the world and share it.”
Save It Tel Aviv
photo by Iris Piers
Save It’s first initiative is to replace plastic straws with paper one, a target solution Omer calls “simple and easy to implement.”
Save It Tel Aviv
photo by Iris Piers
If we can collaborate, we can make a difference and create the future we want,” Omer says. “A growing number of the city’s best clubs, bars, and cafes are already working with Save It, and we’d love to get the whole city on board.”

For more about Save It, visit their website and connect with them on Facebook and Instagram.

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