The 25 Top Reasons People Move to Tel Aviv

We asked a variety of Tel Avivians why they really moved to the White City. Their answers might just surprise you.

1. To find an Israeli wife/husband

courtesy: Renny Grinshpan

2. To not be asked what you're doing with your life

courtesy: @befatbehappy

3. To get an acceptably ridiculous amount of tattoos

Boldlines Tattoo
photo by Harry Ehrlich

4. To include a bike ride along the beach on your commute to work

5. To choose from more than 24,804 types of hummus, and enjoy it on the beach

courtesy: @falafulltlv

6. To have your market, hairdresser, tattoo parlor, bank, café, hardware store, gym, and pharmacy — all on your street

Rothschild Boulevard Tel Aviv
courtesy: @liorgolbary

7. To be vegan and still have unlimited food options

courtesy: @urbanshamantlv

8. To be okay with working in high-tech, on a low-tech salary

high-tech Tel Aviv
courtesy: @wework

9. To start an epic photo project

photo by Liel Anapolsky

10. To have your startup taken seriously

Mindspace Tel Aviv
courtesy: @aviranrevach

11. To be a matkot champion (even if there aren't any winners or losers in this game)

courtesy: matkot_carbon

12. To eat all types of street food in a pita

courtesy: @miznon_tlv

13. To feel safe walking around the city at any time of the day (seriously)

Tel Aviv night
courtesy: @saharofnimrod

14. To always be within arms reach of a dog

Tel Aviv dogs
courtesy: @sharonayael

15. To make breathtaking sunsets part of your daily routine

Tel Aviv sunset
courtesy: @lior_leibler_photography

16. To wear whatever you want, because here being "weird" makes you interesting

courtesy: @mevilly_official

17. To be proud you don’t own a car

courtesy: @telavivyafo

18. To live in a big city that truly feels like a small village (sometimes a little too small)

photo by Harry Ehrlich

19. To be surrounded by so many people doing so many interesting things

courtesy: @gugys_bar

20. To ensure your dog is living his/her best life

courtesy: @itai.fortis

21. To be completely accepted for who and how you love

Tel Aviv port
courtesy: @guyyechiely

22. To feel loved and respected, no matter how rich or poor you are

Tel Aviv buildings
courtesy: @omerpacker

23. To work from cafés all day and still feel productive

Tel Aviv cafe work
courtesy: @islatelaviv

24. To enjoy being 30+ and single

Tel Aviv acrobatics
photo by Harry Ehrlich

25. To be able to say you live in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Jaffa
courtesy: @onceuponajrny
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