‘People of the Streets’ Comes to Tel Aviv

Homelessness is a subject often talked about, but those homeless are rarely the ones who speak.

This issue inspired Oliver Bream McIntosh and Alex Greenhalgh to start People of the Streets. Their mission is to put human stories at the heart of the public conversation on homelessness.

While studying for her master’s at the University of Padua in Italy, Tamar Shemesh met Oliver and discovered People of the Streets.

People of the Streets - Tel Aviv

In August 2019, Tamar brought People of the Streets to Tel Aviv, including a “Stories of the Streets” exhibition in collaboration with Venn and the nonprofit organization Echpat.

As part of the initiative, former homeless locals were given a course on photography, as well as a disposable camera to capture their day-to-day life.

The photographs were exhibited at Venn’s Heaven coworking space, with half of the proceeds going to photographers, and the other half to People of the Streets’ operating costs.

People of the Streets - Tel Aviv


“A lot of people don’t have any contact or don’t really know the circumstances of homeless people,” Tamar says. “The more we can empathize with them, the more integrated and cohesive of a society we can have.”

video by Tali Winkler

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