Tel Aviv Through the Lens

We asked 21 random people how they would describe Tel Aviv to someone who's never been here.

Click on the photos to discover how each person "sees" Tel Aviv.

"In one word: energy. You can feel it. You can walk and look as you wish. Nobody will tell you anything about how you look. Look at me, I'm made in Tel Aviv."
"Tel Aviv gives you the feeling of freedom and happiness, but she's an expensive son-of-a-bitch."
"I wish every city had the city life, attractions, beaches, and people like Tel aviv does. I feel like a tourist when I'm here."
"Tel Aviv is fantastic because the beaches are great and the women are beautiful."
"Tel Aviv is freedom. I can’t explain it. It’s just a feeling."
"The food has been brilliant, the people are very welcoming, and the architecture is quite cool."
"Tel Aviv is a diet Las Vegas; the light version of Vegas."
"Tel Aviv welcomes everyone. There is liberty for everyone, especially for the gay community. We're open and kind people, even if we have mishaps once in a while."
"Tel Aviv is a knockoff of New York City."
"The beach is great, but I'm a bit disappointed. There's nothing interesting happening. I was expecting something else. And the buildings are hideous, not like in Paris."
"Tel Aviv is the center of the youth that come to party, have fun, and clear their mind. Everyone here seems like they're not working. Look, today’s Monday and everyone's just chillin' on the streets."
"Tel Aviv is cool, colorful, and expensive."
"Tel Aviv is mental because everything can happen here. Today can be a regular day, tomorrow can be a massive party."
"Tel Aviv is a rush that makes me feel calm. Quiet in the chaos."
"Tel Aviv has a special energy; she's crowded, the urban view is ugly, but she has a secret. There's a special energy you feel when you come here. You can't explain it; you can only feel it."
"Tel Aviv is the center of fashion. All the fashion stores are here, both chains and boutiques, from grunge to luxury."
"Tel Aviv ... I don't know where to start."
"Tel Aviv is free and chill."
"Tel Aviv is awesome because it's for everyone. You feel free to do whatever you want. It's hard to describe; it's the best city ever. I visit many cities around the world, but I'd never replace this city."
"Tel Aviv is wonderful. The people are nice, with great attitudes. There are great restaurants and nice buildings."
"Tel Aviv is the best city in the world because, here, you feel a connection to the people. When you walk around, you see everyone you know. Your kids can walk around on their own. It's like a kibbutz. You know what's a kibbutz?"

all photos by Harry Ehrlich


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