The Most Interesting Things People Are Doing in Tel Aviv

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Making Women Shine

Zo Flamenbaum

founded School of Shine to empower women with the tools for happy lives, including workshops, meetups, pop-up inspiration stations, and community building events that inspire action.

photo by Harry Ehrlich
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The Hot Dude Eating Hummus

Orly Geduld

and two of her classmates initially started Hot Dudes and Hummus as a school project at IDC Herzliya College. Since then, it's become an Instagram phenomenon, with more than 40,000 followers — not to mention press from the Huffington Post, People Magazine, and Thought Catalog.

photo by @hotdudesandhummus
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A Balancing Act

Yuval Oz

is the founder of Tel Aviv's most spectacular circus, the Bascula Urban Circus. Yuval himself is a circus act, specializing in handstands and head balancing. Whether it’s circus, music, or a combination of both, Yuval is all about creating, co-creating, and performing.

photo by Yuval Oz
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Mindfulness in the Digital Age

Maya Yizhaky

is a digital wellness coach and entrepreneur who teaches people how to establish a more effective and beneficial relationship with their smart devices. Her Digital Zen method uses practical digital decluttering and mindfulness techniques to help individuals and organizations organize their digital lives.

photo by Maya Yizhaky
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Making Mondays More Enjoyable

Yohay Sponder

co-hosts English stand-up comedy in Tel Aviv with his friend Shahar Hason, which they call "Funny Monday" — a night that brings together locals and internationals via jokes about cultural differences and nuances we can all relate to.

photo by Yohay Sponder
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Do as the Tel Avivians do.

Anna Kopito

created Telavivian, an online magazine featuring local art, design, fashion, music, and culinary scenes, for you to learn more about Tel Aviv and its people, places, and projects.

photo by Anna Kopito
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Startup Camel

Adir Freilich

hosts the Startup Camel podcast, in which he dives into Israeli innovation and tech through interviews with guests who offer insights into how they are growing, succeeding, and learning with their companies.

photo by Adir Freilich
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Learn a new language, or three.

Willy Hayman and Jessica Tulchin

founded FluenTLV as a community that breaks language barriers. They hold community events featuring more than 17 languages, providing opportunities to practice languages with native speakers. In addition, they offer Hebrew immersion courses.

photo by Harry Ehrlich
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You don't need superpowers to be superhuman.

Jonathan Levi

founded SuperHuman Academy to empower and inspire people to live happier, healthier lives. His books, podcasts, and content on topics such as health, fitness, productivity, lifestyle design, and personal finance provide a modern approach to "lifehacking."

photo by Jonathan Levi
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A Language of Life

Eli Benedict

runs YUNG YiDiSH, alongside founder Mendy Cahn, a non-profit with a mission to preserve and revive the Yiddish language and culture among younger generations. They've collected hundreds of books in their library, nested in Tel Aviv’s central bus station.

photo by Daniella Cheslow /

State of the Arts

Kristóf Steiner and Nimrod Dagan

are the power couple behind and residents of Yafo Creative, an independent producer of artistic projects, featuring interdisciplinary collaborations created by multinational artists, conceived and developed from within their community.

photo by @sarikasalamon
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A Business School for the Self-Made

Lior Frenkel

co-founded Jolt as a modern alternative to higher education. Since 2015, they've been teaching students the tools to be adaptable, innovative, and leaders in today's rapidly changing work environment.

photo by Omer Hacohen
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The Emperor's New 3D Printed Clothes

Danit Peleg

is pushing the boundaries of modern designer fashion, with the world’s first 3D printed garments, available for purchase online. In the future, Danit envisions a world where anyone will be able to buy files and print clothes at home.

photo by Danit Peleg
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Swimming Upstream

Guy Barnea

started Weekends At, after representing Israel in the 2008 Olympics, alongside Michael Phelps. Each swimwear collection is inspired by a peculiar theme, such as subequatorial continents and exotic lights. Guy and his team hand-pick and then hand-draw each swimsuit.

photo by Guy Barnea
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Talent Management

Sasha Daniel

was born in Russia and moved to Israel at age 6. After reaching the semifinals in Israel's version of "American Idol," she spent several years in New York and Chicago. Sasha eventually returned to Tel Aviv, where she works as a macramé designer, singer-songwriter, actress, accent coach, and translator for Netflix.

photo by Sasha Daniel
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True Colors


runs the local restobar Gugy's Public House, which he calls “the most colorful bar in Tel Aviv.” Don't be alarmed by Gugy's eclectic and bizarre outfits, and don't be quick to judge — he has three university degrees and chose to dedicate his life to making other people happy.

photo by Gugy's Public House
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Bleeding Ink

Sara Kori

is a young, up-and-coming tattoo artist who has developed a trademark minimalistic tattoo aesthetic. Her appointment waiting list is several months' long, but you can check out the pop-up shops Sara hosts at her studio every month.

photo by Sara Kori
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Top of the Food Chain

Aviv Moshe

is the talented chef behind Tel Aviv’s award-winning restaurants, Messa and Quattro. His style combines authentic Kurdish home-cooking with luxurious cuisine from the Provence region in southeastern France. Both restaurants feature one-of-a-kind dishes, extravagant design, and unforgettable experiences.

photo by
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The Pallet Revolution

Ari Liberson

started MOLET with two friends in Buenos Aires. They were inspired by wooden pallets found as waste in the streets, “so it was only natural the next step would be to explore their potential as raw material.” Today, their team of creatives is devoted to upcycled architecture, design, and education.

photo by Ari Liberson

Epic Fail

Roni Yore

is Tel Aviv's Director of Partnerships for Fuckup Nights, a global movement that emphasizes successful people's stories of failure. Every month, they host a local event with a few-hundred people, featuring speakers who share their not-so-glamorous moments.

photo by Roni Yore
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Seeing Eye-to-Eye

Claude Samuel

might just be the most unique optometrist you'll ever meet. His shop on Dizengoff Street is a full-on spectacle: a massive collection of glasses, antique collectibles, and accessories. Claude designs glasses for some of Tel Aviv's top icons, and dedicates his time to the organization Physicians for Human Rights.

photo by Claude Samuel
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Show Business

Kochavit Akunis

is on a mission to balance the male-dominated workplace with styles that make women feel empowered, encouraged, and successful. Her blog EIGHT30 offers fashion inspiration for women who want to fuse fashion and business attire.

photo by Kochavit Akunis
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Vegan Friendly

Omri Paz

is the founder of Vegan Friendly, a non-profit leading the vegan movement in Tel Aviv (where an estimated 5% of the population is vegan). Aside from making veganism more accessible to everyone, they certify products and businesses as “vegan friendly” around town.

photo by Tamar Almog
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A Healing Oasis

Naomi Bubis

met Udi Sahar while she was interviewing him for her blog Tel Aviv Notes. The two discovered they share a passion for a holistic lifestyle, and soon after opened Urban Shaman Tel Aviv — “a sanctuary for those who lead a modern urban lifestyle but also seek out wellness, beauty, and longevity.”

photo by Naomi Bubis
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Point & Shoot

Moran Moradi

is a filmmaker who shares times between Tel Aviv and Paris. He's been a winner of Vimeo's "Staff Pick," and has participating in several film festivals around the world, including CFK, the Prisma Independent Film Awards, Feel the Reel, and the Independent Shorts Awards.
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Higher Than a Kite

Tabea Oppliger

and her husband Matt founded KitePride, a Tel Aviv-based social business that sells repurposed kitesurfing equipment. Their mission is to fight human trafficking by employing victims of the industry, so they can safely and comfortably make their way back into the mainstream workforce.

photo by
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The grass is always greener.

Saul Kaye

founded iCAN, Tel Aviv's largest cannabis venture fund. Saul envisions a global cannabis ecosystem, and invests in cannabis technologies, so everyone can receive access to medical-grade cannabis.

photo by Saul Kaye
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Kicking Butt

Julian Melcer

is the co-founder of Clean the Butts, a Tel Aviv-based organization on a mission to eliminate the world's most common piece of litter — cigarette butts — through community clean-ups and events. Julian is also a social activist and wellness coach, who performed on Israel's "Ninja Warrior" show.

photo by Julian Melcer
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Cooking the Books

Nathalie Gleitman

turned a concoction of health problems into a mini media empire based in Tel Aviv. She has written two books, both in her native tongue German, which focus on healthy eating and food intolerances. And Natalie has also been featured on Elle, Cosmopolitan, Condé Naste, and Glamour.
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Gili Azgad

is the creator of a music platform called “Truffles,” which spotlights lower-profile musicians, with a focus on instrumentalists who don’t usually play by themselves, "who are equally and in some cases more talented, but less popular than other types of musicians."
More about Truffles

Just Dance

Amber Joy Layne

hails from Miami, and has made a career in Tel Aviv as a professional dancer and choreographer. She’s performed with many top local artists, and choreographed productions for brands such as EL AL and Samsung. She also runs the local dance group 2Sick Crew.
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Saving Life

Omer Mosenzon

created Save It to increase awareness and implement lasting change to the way people consume (i.e. disposable plastic). The name Save It refers to “saving the planet, ourselves included, and rests on the fact that even the biggest ideas start small.”
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Walking on Sunshine

Ashley Szlachta

is a Philadelphia native, better known as Ashley Sunshine. She's a community leader who fosters spirituality and empowerment in Tel Aviv, which manifests itself in Golden Sun Kombucha, Goddess Moon Circle, and the Red Tent Retreat. She's also a yoga teacher and dharma coach.

photo by Ronen Goldman
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