Yael “Jahel” Grudzinski

Yael “Jahel” Grudzinski

My favorite part of being a DJ is making people move their bodies and giving them real happiness. I love showing the crowd new music and vibes – my stuff’s different.

My inspiration comes from the world of sound-system, originally from Jamaica. Together with my vocal artists – Black Rose, the only female sound in Israel – we are “New Zion Sound.” Our sets include reggae, dancehall, afrobeats, and everything in that genre. 

In Tel Aviv, there really isn’t a difference between male and female DJs, aside from the amount. Besides that, there’s no party without a strong female presence, and who can make a female crowd dance better than a female DJ? 

I’m originally from Nahariya. When I decided that I want to work in music and events, I knew I had to move to Tel Aviv. Everything happens here. The country’s biggest audience is here; people are open minded; there’s real opportunity and room to succeed as an artist here.

Tel Aviv is special in that sense: nobody is discriminated against for their religion, color, orientation, etc. It’s always amazing to meet new crowds at my concerts.