Tova Swed

Tova Swed

I love the fact that I am the one that controls the whole vibe of the place. The fact that I can make people happy, makes me happy. It’s all about giving and getting energy from the crowd through music

I am pretty known for playing early 2000 hits, mixed with trap and new-school hip hop. It’s all the music I grew up on when I was a teenager. It’s funny to see how people react when I bring it back

I feel like people are always surprised to see a female DJ on deck. And they are even more surprised that I can actually DJ. For me it’s normal though. You can really feel my presence as a female performer.

I think that Tel Aviv is the only place in the world that you can actually go out and party every day of the week. There is so much variety in such a small city. I find it amazing.

What makes Tel Aviv’s scene so special (and successful) is its people. The fact that it’s so small and welcoming gave me the opportunity to meet many open-minded people that opened the door for me.

They are so many things I love about this city: I love the beach. I love the food. I love the music scene. I love that people here are very open-minded. But, the sad truth is that this city is so expensive to live in.