Shira “Shiwa Biwa” Shvadron

Shira “Shiwa Biwa” Shvadron

As a DJ, I love the fact that I can feature other musicians and producers in my music. I love the feeling that I can give a platform for others to continue creating.

I play mainly modern African music, but also include beats from South America and Europe.

I don’t feel any difference being a female DJ in Tel Aviv – everyone treats us equal. It’s true though that there are fewer female than male DJs. I don’t know exactly why.

What fosters the growing music scene in Tel Aviv is that it’s a small city. Within walking distance you can hit up so many different venues.

Sadly, the cops have been shutting down some of the important places, which really kills the vibe. If Tel Aviv really wants to pride itself on being a city like no other, it should encourage the nightlife and music scene.

Tel Aviv’s magic lies in its people. People here gave me the opportunity to DJ in their clubs and bars so that I could build a following. Places like the Kuli Alma and Sputnik were the first that gave me a chance on weekly nights that really gave me my first experience. After that, I started playing at the Teder, which became my home.