Shaked Dudovich

Shaked Dudovich

I love having the ability to make people happy through the highest form of art: music. There is so much inspiration for me in music, since I’m a freestyle DJ.

I play many genres: From hip hop to techno, my ears never get enough of good beats. 

I think seeing a woman take the stage brings a lot of attention, and most of the time it’s the good kind. Since this profession is dominated by men, there’s more pressure to succeed and prove yourself as a woman.  I also believe that the woman ear is more sensitive to music, in a good way.

Tel Aviv’s magic is that there’s total freedom as an artist. I think Tel Aviv is one of the greatest art cities in the world – all of the artists from Israel are attracted to this city because it gives the feeling that you can make whatever art you wish.

Young, up-and-coming artists are performing on a daily basis,  and you can hear music basically everywhere. Tel Avivians are not afraid to create new scenes. This city pumps you with inspiration from its stories of success and failure.

Tel aviv gave me an opportunity to DJ when I was 19 years old. I started at the Breakfast Club; it was one of my most exciting times. It was a new gay party line, and everything felt so in place. I found myself gaining confidence, and I started DJ-ing everywhere in the city. I looked up to the artists succeeding and building their career, and it made me push harder.

Today, I’m in a very good place, playing in the city and around the world, which couldn’t have happened without my professional growth here. The only thing I really hate is trying to find parking.