Nitzan “Nina Technica” Sagiv

Nitzan “Nina Technica” Sagiv

What do I love about being a DJ? I love the adrenaline, the excitement that I feel when I see the audience partying to the music that I chose. There’s a bond that I create between myself and the people, when I play the right track.

My style is versatile and ranges from kickin’ techno-melodic to Oriental and ethnic. I’m influenced from North African and Asian cultures, and love to mix them in my beats.

Many years ago it was harder for women DJs to get big. Today, we don’t feel a difference, we’re everywhere.

What I love about Tel Aviv is that everything is dynamic, and at such a quick pace. What’s trending today is passé tomorrow. That pressure is felt among artists, which forces us to keep on creating and discovering.

In Tel Aviv, there’s a feeling that everyone’s on vacation. The nightlife never ends, which you won’t find anywhere in the world… maybe Miami. The fact that there’s always a party means there’s great opportunities to be a DJ. The people here love to dance, drink, and listen to music. There’s magic here. Besides, there’s no racism or homophobism.

My favorite part of this city? I can find myself in a deep, heart-to-heart conversation on a random bench on Rothschild with a random stranger at 4 AM, and it’s totally normal. Everything’s possible here, and Tel Aviv never stops.