Narkis Tepler

Narkis Tepler

I love how my work combines business and pleasure, and my two greatest passions: people and music. With music I can connect people to me and to each other. Most importantly, I can connect to myself.

The experience of music is so “direct.” When you speak, your brain needs to process the words, but music is just enters your soul the second you hear it. With music it’s an immediate response. Either you’re hooked or not. This is the most powerful connection one can ask for. 

Anything and everything can be an inspiration for me, and most of the time it’s not even music – I’m inspired by the sounds around me. For instance, near my apartment in Tel Aviv there’s an industrial shop that has a machine that gives me ideas for a different track every time I pass by. Also, there’s a Flamenco class by my place, and I can’t help but sit there, watch them, hypnotized, as they dance so beautifully.   

When it comes to business there’s still a difference between women and men: the exposure, the attitude… Line promoters should be more aware of the fact that there are many highly-talented female DJs, that can contribute tremendously to the vibe of a place. Integrating female DJs in clubs and festivals creates more public interest and curiosity.

When we include women in the lineups, we promote equality and mutual collaborations. This makes more diversified and mind-blowing creations, which is what music is all about. As musicians, we have the power to craft the future and lift each other up. In some way, it is our responsibility, not only an opportunity.   

I think that especially here in Israel, the need to party is a way to live more calmly and happily, to balance out the Middle Eastern stress. It’s our escapism. This is why in such a short time, Tel Aviv became a huge influence in the worldwide clubbing scene. For me it is rather exciting to see, and serves as proof for the fierce motivation people have here to create amazing music and to make people dance.

Most of my friends are hardcore nightlife people, and legit working people during the day. They work in everything, from high-tech, to architecture, design, and academia. The love we all share is for the nightlife. It’s like a small neighborhood, partying relentlessly, always. It’s just good old fun, and it’s what makes life colorful. May that never end.