Milia Rose

Milia Rose

I love feeling the energy and reactions of the crowd towards my music. The moment there’s a connection between us, there’s a musical conversation that we’re speaking. It excites me everytime.

My musical style is mainly ‘90s hip-hop music and what followed after. I don’t like the trap style hip hop though.

Being a DJ at first was strange – everyone’s looking at you, and you feel like they’re testing you because I’m a woman. With time, as I developed a relationship with my crowd, I started to feel at home at my concerts, especially at my home venues.

What I love about the Tel Aviv scene is that it’s never ending. Everyday the city’s offering something, if it’s techno, hip-hop, house, disco, etc. Every place brings its own different color and people.

Tel Aviv contributed to my success because that’s where I started. It’s the people here that made me who I am today. 

I love that Tel Aviv never sleeps. As a hyperactive person myself, I’m always looking for things to do, and here I’m never bored. There are so many different types of people here, and interesting places; it’s never ending. Aside that I can never find parking, I’m addicted to this city.