Hila Avshalomi

Hila Avshalomi

There’s nothing better in the world than music, I think it’s so pure. Music brings out so many emotions: happiness, excitement, sadness, anger, etc. The possibility of creating an energy, telling a story through sounds is like nothing else.

As a person that struggles to find the right words to express myself, music allows me to connect to other people.

I see musical as an infinite space that excites me to always dig deeper. I’m always discovering new sounds that inspire me. I love mixing musical genres in my tracks, which gives the songs a new meaning.

Sometimes I get strange reactions when people notice a woman behind the DJ stand, but it doesn’t happen often. From my experience, there’s no difference between being a female or male DJ. Music is music.

Tel Aviv has room for everyone and every style of music. The amount of inspiration here is endless, too. This allows every artist to find their own niche.

Tel Aviv helped me develop my musical career and style. I was able to try all sorts of styles and venues, and understand what fits me, and what I love most. This allowed me to understand what type of DJ I want to be and helped me choose my crowd.

There’s an amazing freedom in this city that I’m in love with. Tel Aviv really helped me break out of my shell. Luckily, I quickly realized that the real magic here is that you really can be whoever you want to be.