Dani Maor

Dani Maor

My favorite part of being a  DJ is getting to pick the music. When I started going to parties I didn’t enjoy the music, so I started playing music that I love to dance to.

Most of the music I play is produced in England. Lots of bass: basshouse, bassline, jungletek, drum and bass, etc. 

Being a female DJ, I’ve gotten quite a few surprised reactions from people in the past. They don’t expect a female DJ to play the music I play.

On the other hand, I put music like Britney Spears or TLC in my sets, because no one caters to your inner teenage girl like I do.

I grew up in Jerusalem where the music scene is quite limited, so moving to Tel Aviv was eye opening. Just having the option of going to a drum and bass party on a Wednesday is a real privilege.

I’ve realized that this is a place where you can make a living out of being an artist.