Andrea Rosen

Andrea Rosen

DJ-ing gives the freedom to express yourself and manipulate the vibe of the audience. My biggest motivation is the inspiration I get from the crowd’s reactions. It’s as simple as throwing in a sample or backspin.

I like challenging the audience by whipping different genres together. The beauty of music is that it shouldn’t fit into a box and all good music all can easily be woven together. My sets usually include hip hop, future beats, baile funk, soulful house, a splash of techno, and middle eastern beats.

When I started out as a DJ in Tel Aviv over a decade ago, there were only a handful of female DJs, and almost none playing hip hop music. I was very lucky to be socially involved with some of Tel Aviv’s most prominent DJs that propped me into the scene.

DJing, until recently, has always been considered more of a boys club. Back in 2009, four of us (Shira Arad, Sabbo, Ori Shochat, and me) started a “Battle of the Sexes” night. It was incredibly fun, and it opened up the gates for female DJs. The amount of incredible artists I’ve seen live in Tel Aviv is nothing less than a cultural phenomenon. 

As small of a city Tel Aviv is, it has created a huge influence in the music scene internationally. This tight-knit community has fostered talent that performs in clubs and festivals around the world. I’m inspired always to represent this scene as a whole abroad and love that when I return, I always have a home to come back to. 

Like most Tel Avivians, I have a love-hate relationship with the city. And even when I’m struggling with my feelings for the country, I always feel proud to be a Tel Avivian. There’s a certain personality here you can’t find anywhere else. We are a mashup of chaos and culture, finding the beauty in the collection of ethnicities that make us unique.