Adi Shabat

Adi Shabat

My musical style ranges across the electronic spectrum. What excites me most are techno, indie, deep house, electro, and everything else that makes my heart beat.

The beautiful thing about being a DJ is that it doesn’t matter your background, age, gender, religion, etc. Music is about bringing people together. For me, it’s my purpose, regardless of the fact that I find infinite enjoyment in making music.

Tel Aviv brings endless inspiration and excitement, which makes it – in my eyes – the greatest city in the world for making music. Because the city is so small, the competition is tough, setting a high standard for artists. It’s tough mentally. You always have to be on top of your game.

There’s great respect for women in my industry. I’ve received nothing but support from my colleagues and venue owners. Even more so, I’ve never heard of female artists being harassed in Tel Aviv. 

Tel Aviv is liberal, young, artistic, and diverse. She’s always reinventing herself, because she’s open 24/7. You’ve got a greater chance someone’s going to hear your music in this city, more so than other cities.

I love everything about this city: the pace, the beach, the food, the people, the weather, the parties, the internationalism, and everything else going on here.