Our Favorite Tel Aviv Couples

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The Power Couple

Assi & Albert

“We started dating while I was in Barcelona and he was in Tel Aviv. One of us had to move, and I said, ‘Listen, let me come to you.’ I wanted to challenge myself.”

– Albert

The Performers

Renny & Hadar

“Hadar and I met at a bar. I was drunk and loud and I peed in the street. Hadar knew then and there we would get married. What can I say? It was love at first sight.”

– Renny

The Content Creators

Alyne & Nuseir

"I was in Jerusalem making videos, and Alyne was in Tel Aviv working and traveling. I published a video on Facebook that went viral, and Alyne messaged me about it saying, 'Hey! Let’s be friends!' and I said 'Yes!'”

– Nuseir

The Creatives

Nimi & Kristof

"Nimi recognized me from Grindr and wrote me a message. The next day, I invited him to a movie. He almost didn’t show up, and I was sure he was playing with me. Since then, there hasn't been one night we didn't spend together."

– Kristof

The Mixed Bag

Gil & Basti

"Gil had a layover in Köln, Germany. She walked into the bar, and our eyes locked immediately. Her friend approached me and said, 'That girl over there really likes you.' We spent the entire night talking. Now, years later, we live together in Tel Aviv."

– Basti

The Yogis

Talia & Ezra

"I missed my flight to New York so I flew to Tel Aviv for 24 hours. When I landed, I attended a midnight meditation. Right after, as I opened my eyes, he was right in front of me. I felt an extremely sensual feeling. It was one of the weirdest experiences of my life."

– Talia

The Acrobats

Orin & Amos

“I saw Amos at an AcroYoga lesson in Tel Aviv, but I thought he was too good looking for me. I saw him again at an AcroYoga retreat at the Dead Sea. We talked all night around the campfire. Now, we do AcroYoga together, everywhere and anywhere.”

– Orin

The Linguists

Jessica & Willy

“We met at a bar and right away started speaking in all the different languages we had in common. Now we run FluenTLV, a community that breaks language barriers by bringing together more than 17 languages.”

– Jessica

The Business Coaches

Lena & Eliav

"Eliav and I met while working at Young Judaea. We both quit shortly after, and now own an international coaching company together, and travel between Tel Aviv and San Francisco throughout the year."

– Lena

The Vegans

Gil & Leroy

"My friend was showing me how Tinder works. She was swiping really fast, and I asked her how she could see what they even look like. She said, 'I'm good at this.' I saw Leroy and screamed, 'Stop!' I told her to send him a message for me, and we started talking."

– Gil

The Sailors

Michal & Naftali

"I was out with friends — my first time after a bad break up. Naftali was there too. His friends warned him, 'Michal is heartbroken. Whatever you do, don’t hit on her.' Of course, when someone tells Naftali 'no,' he does the opposite.”

– Michal

The Hipsters

Yemima & Nachman

"We met at the bar where he was bartending, but he didn't remember me. Years later, I sent him a friend request on Facebook. He said he was dating someone one, so I said good luck. A month later I tried again, and the rest is history."

– Yemima


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