A Balancing Act: How AcroYoga Found Its Way to Tel Aviv

Yanai Levor is the Israeli godfather of AcroYoga, a movement that has taken Tel Aviv by storm.

We caught up with Yanai, as well as his daughter and her partner — Orin Levor and Amos Avidani — juggling each other around town.

Yanai Levor

“I started doing AcroYoga at the age of 30. A juggler friend introduced me to the sport, and I soon realized that I could be a much better acrobat than a juggler. Plus it was way more fun!”

photo by Harry Ehrlich

“As soon as I learned physical connection with my partner, I was intrigued by the sense of unity and partnership that AcroYoga inspires. It’s an incredible feeling of trust and unspoken dialogue to find that mysterious point of balance.”

photo by Harry Ehrlich

“Beyond the excitement of succeeding a pose, there’s a real sense of empathy for your partner.”

photo by Harry Ehrlich
“There are moments when you feel bigger than the whole world, when you find that sweet-spot balance for a split-second.”
photo by Harry Ehrlich
“AcroYoga is an endless road of struggle and success of trying and falling and getting back up again. There’s always another pose or trick or transition that’s just beyond your reach.”
photo by Harry Ehrlich
“AcroYoga has taught me to accept failure on the way to success; to be patient with myself and others in the process of learning and figuring things out; and that you never know your limits until you push them.”
photo by Harry Ehrlich
“To all my students, I teach them the ultimate virtue: patience. You can do a lot more than you think you can, if you go slowly and train conscientiously. Also, if you listen to your heart’s desires, people will follow.”
photo by Harry Ehrlich

“My goal in teaching AcroYoga is to help each person be the best version of themselves, and to enjoy the process as much as the success itself.”

photo by Harry Ehrlich

For more about AcroYoga Israel, visit their website and connect with them on Facebook and Instagram.

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