20 Things Tel Avivians Want to See in 2020

As the new decade starts, we asked a variety of Tel Avivians what they’d like to see in Tel Aviv during 2020.

1. Food trucks

We’re not sure where they would fit, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

2. Legalized cannabis 

As they say: Legaliiiiiiize it.

3. Enforced rent control

Please! Before we Tel Avivians have to declare collective bankruptcy!

4. Amazon Prime

“Alexa, please bring Amazon Prime to Tel Aviv.”


5. Korean BBQ

One order of bibimbap, please!

6. La Croix

We’ll take an ice-cold pamplemousse any day!

7. CBD

Benefits include relief from the chronic pain of paying for overpriced alcohol and Apple products. 

8. The Apple Store

No more asking your friend who’s flying abroad to bring you back the newest iPhone!

9. Better dating apps

Because we’ve already swiped through the 6 users who are currently on Hinge. 

10. Self-driving cars

Even better if they can automatically locate a parking spot near the destination ahead-of-time!

11. A four-day workweek

The local workweek runs Sunday to Thursday. However, everyone knows Sundays are for brunching, not bosses.

12. More recycling

May 2020 be the year of more recycling and less plastic.

13. Free helmets for city bikes and scooters

Protect your head so you can come up with a revolutionary idea for a new startup.

14. Soul Cycle

Our bodies will love it. Our wallets? Not so much.

15. Bubble Tea

It would be beauTEAful to see more boba in TEA-L-V.

16. Legal civil marriages

No more running off to Cyprus or the USA to tie the knot!

17. Ride-sharing apps 

Sharing is caring!

18. Much less solo-use plastic

Our city (and planet) deserves better.

19. Free lessons for how to use bike lanes

Start by looking both ways before walking into one.

20.  An end to the perpetual elections

In March 2020, we’re heading to the polls to elect our next prime minister — for the third time in less than a year! But at least we get another day off work.

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